Sunday, February 23, 2014

बैक टू स्क्वेर वन.

"दिमाग़ी पागलपन एक बीमारी है". प्रतिदिन हम सैकड़ों सवाल पूछते हैं. हर परम्परा, चलन, रूढ़ीगत मान्यता की खोज-बीन करके उसे आधुनिकता के मापदंडों पर परखते हैं. फिर पागलपन के साथ इस तरह का भेद भाव? मानवीय संवेदनायें बदल रही हैं. हम सब तनाव-ग्रस्त हैं. अकेलेपन में न जाने क्या ढूँढ रहे हैं. बड़ी अपेक्षायें हैं इस एकांत से. आशा है ये हमें अपने आप से मिलवाएगा. पर उनका क्या जिन्हें ऐसी स्थिति सिर्फ़ अंधकार की ओर धकेलती है? ये एकांत जब खाने को दौड़ने लगे, तो कौन जवाबदेह होना चाहिए? इतनी गहराई में जाने से तो अच्छा है कि आँखें मूंदकर मान लिया जाए- "दिमाग़ी पागलपन एक बीमारी है".

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Midnight Musings.


How do you do that?
Having just the right amount
Of emotions, no more no less?
And I'm just here collecting
My thoughts, saving them
Before they spill out.


Your love is like grammar-
It just HAS to be a certain way.
Or maybe we just speak 
Different languages now. 


You say you're a non-conformist,
I believe you.
But those meaningless words?
Day after day?
Hour after hour?
I believed them too.


It scares me that I still see you,
Beyond the infinite gap between us.
Sadly, your memories aren't 
As evasive as you.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Solitude and I.

Enjoying solitude is one of the luxuries one enjoys. I wonder if the previous generation could afford this. It has almost become fashionable to glorify not wanting anyone in our life who loves us. People are quite boastful about the fact that they are pretty indifferent to the ones who love them- even if they are family. There is a certain pride they hold in being alone- with no one to care about. I wonder why that is. What sort of a fad is this? Maybe this is some new-age defence mechanism or a fashionable trait which seems so irresistible to fall for.

This hypocrisy has its origins in cynicism, which in turn has its roots in idealism. Why does others' solitude seem so attractive? Is it because you feel your attraction might change it? Is it because we derive a kick out of the fact that someone is sharing thoughts about his/ her solitude with us? What is so attractive about a person who just wants to be left alone? More over, are they this way out of choice or out of sheer tiredness of having to try once again? 

Just like we expect too much out of a relationship, there can be inadvertently high suppositions about solitude too. Solitude disappoints us more often than we'd like to admit but letting anyone in on this secret will mean that you aren't happy with your current state and nobody wants to confess that, do they? It is not that people who enjoy being alone are lying. I, in no way, am against their choices, but it is tempting to point out that even when they do get tired of their desolation, they hesitate to acknowledge it. That is what I have an issue with. 

Your solitude is your own wilderness, your own world where you and you alone define the rules but all I suggest is- should you ever feel that ought to be changed, should you want a loved one to enter into that world of yours, don't hesitate to speak your mind. Love makes life worthwhile, desolation is just a selfish temptress, an experience to be remembered but not to live your life for!