Monday, November 26, 2012

Adding my own to dating advice cliches!

Months have passed and I haven’t had a chance to write something which will blow your mind! I still haven’t, but I’m writing any way, without delay. So these days I am absolutely free- I do have some very crucial things to be taken care of, like my career, family issues and breakups, but they can wait. I have decided to deal with everything in a systematic way just like our government- where key priority is the chronological order of the files, not the gravity of the issue. So this overly delayed blog post is here now and my bleeding eye can be nursed later.

Many friends have been asking me when I am going to get married. For some strange reason, they figure that I am the one going to be married soon. Maybe some kind of frustration-induced-frown-line of being single is etched prominently on my face or maybe the bliss and peace of my single-hood and independence is just too much for them to bear! Either way, I am going to address the issue at hand here- dating advice. Dating is a dynamic concept which changes across age levels. For some, dating is a distraction, for some it is about sexual companionship, for some it is about financial stability and so on. Having a companion by your side has never hurt anybody (yeah right! :P). It has only made things worthwhile. It makes your achievements seem bigger and your failures seem smaller. It beautiful while it lasts and for some when it ends! 

Relationships are mistaken to be like a chemical ‘mixture’ where each person brings their own ‘properties’ and together they form something which keeps both their interests, dreams and ‘properties’ intact. If you ask me, it is a mistake to believe. As we grow up, relationships become more like the chemical ‘compounds’ in which both the people come together with their own ‘properties’ but when intertwined, form a strange bond where they lose pretty much everything which they brought along with them and form something completely new. The definitive properties of this ‘new compound’ obviously depend upon their previous traits but don’t relate to them in any way- much like the chemical bonding process. Just to answer the curious ones here, we shall discuss the biological properties and the change in their levels in a separate post because this is a family blog (or so I’d like to project!).

My personal experience although has been pretty varied but the sample in question is kind of flawed and cannot be considered representative. But on the up-side, I have been a keen observer. So as a female, I would advise you to stay away from certain kinds of guys-

1. Guys who think that their girlfriends are trying to break them up with their family- WHAT THE ***! Why would you think that? And if you really DO think that way and if it’s true, why’re you still dating her?

2. Guys who do not place importance on education- Seriously girls, get over rich guys who haven’t earned it on their own merit! Just like the money they have inherited, their self-esteem will be gone in no time and so will your respect for them.

3. Men who never have time- Yes, I know it is clich├ęd but if they don’t give you a decent amount of time, they are NOT worth it. If he is into you, he WILL make time. This statement is not for psycho-obsessive women folk who want the guy to be there 24x7 by their side but nobody can rule out or underestimate the importance of time and communication.

4. Guys who use words like ‘slut’, ‘bitch’ or ‘hoebags’- Today it might be another girl, a girl that you don’t like, but tomorrow it could be you! JUST STAY AWAY.

5. Guys who are afraid of you- I know, this category is tempting to be with, but NO, stay away! It's not 'cute' or 'sweet'! It's dumb. Such guys cannot be true partners because initially the will support you in everything just because they are afraid of your anger or to avoid arguments but these guys will nurture all this grudge inside, involuntarily, and then leave you suddenly one day for reasons you will never be able to decipher! Find a man who can point out your mistakes, help you rectify them and still loves you the same!

Ok enough for today! There are of course a million DOs and DON’Ts which you already know and which we come across every day, but these are just some specific additions to that Black-list! Will write more soon. Take care.