Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Every “Teddy Bear” has a story….

How many of us really know the people around us? Or TRY to know them? Do we know their background? Their origin? The story which has shaped them up? The “teddy-bear” which some of my dainty girl-‘friends’ sleep with, each night, has a political origin. Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States, is the person responsible for giving the teddy bear his name. How many of us knew this? How many of us TRIED to find out? 

A fast-paced world where one has to be either a Rakhi Sawant or an Osama Bin Laden to expect our attention, doesn’t really motivate us enough to look for extraordinary tales around us. Look around, every person has a story to tell. There’s always more to it than it seems (us girls have this annoying habit to think this way, I know!). 

I try to read people. It is strangely appealing to ‘read’ them rather than ‘judge’ them. People sometimes, can be walking-talking books. Like pieces of literature open to debates in our minds. Some of them are fairly simple to read. Some of them are complex enough to rattle your brains while you try to understand them. There are characters within characters. It’s a feeling of achievement when I peel off one layer at a time, closer to the core. Sorry, I got carried away. But zooming out, I see people around me as sources of knowledge. Knowledge about their lives gives me a fair idea about my own. I make mental notes and graphs of the course of lives they’re leading. I smile to myself when random lines evolves into patterns and I can extrapolate them. 

One can’t look into his/her own future but can learn a lot from others’ past. Try observing people more. Try to think of the situations which might have led to certain behaviour in them. It’s a game for me- a very intriguing one! I am no psychiatrist or psychologist. It is out of my free will. The better I get at it, the better I understand myself. The aim is, to gain enough knowledge about others’ behaviour to view one’s life in an objective light. The aim is- to learn to laugh at it…..to move on…

MEN- Necessary Evil?

Being in an all-girls college has changed the way I perceived myself. It gave me a new identity. Introducing my new path-breaking, convention-defying theory- the THEORY OF THE LOST SPECIES. Main assumption in our theory is the complete absence of male species from a girls’ college (which includes lack of male teachers as well). Although, we distinguish its relevance to engineering institutes.

In such a case, girls involuntarily, un-intentionally and un-knowingly get divided into two different categories- BOYFRIEND girls and GIRLFRIEND girls (BG and GG from now on). Now, before your minds wander tangentially far away from my main theory into a world of homosexuality, let me make this clear- BG are equally feminine! They do not cut their hair short or fight other guys (or BGs) like guys. BGs usually are the kind who attracts maximum female attention (in a positive way, for a change). But despite this fact, BG finds that one GG who she wants to hang out with. It’s BG’s prerogative to make her GG laugh, support her, make her feel special, assure her that she’ll be around when GG starts having doubts about BG’s whereabouts, protecting her and fighting for her. GG is the sweeter one among the two- taking care of BG, scolding her for little things, reminding her of the beautiful things in life and cheering the BG up with a smile.

When exposed to the sudden eye-dazzling presence of Males, these categories, without any palpable change, metamorphose into a homogenous species signifying Beauty, Charm, Tenderness and Mystery- Girls.
Us, Girls. J
Post- ‘Post’- The Theory of Lack of Species will be used for further analysis in the later posts!