Saturday, July 12, 2014

Does it matter?

Being human was never as complicated. In a world with fluctuating moralities, humanity has worn a thousand gowns. But I don't wonder about that any more. I wonder about 'being' more than human. What are we? Who are we? The first question is probably easy to answer, courtesy evolutionary science. The second is what captures my imagination. Are we just a body with our brain as our God and brain as our Devil? Who owns our soul? Who defines us? How do we interpret our own selves? Are we how the society views us? Or how we view ourselves? And even in the society, how different people classify us, based on their own experiences and their interpretations by the others. These questions form a mesh in my mind- overlapping, knotting and tearing each other apart.  And then I realise- I am only a human, with a mind that is still awaiting the ultimate truth. So I move on to the only important question in life that, according to me, we ever need to think about- 'Does it matter'?