Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Milkweed Seed

There is only so much cold wind one can endure. As I stood up from my table to close the windows across the other side of it, a milkweed seed with lovely little 'feathers' made its way hurriedly into my room. If it were a person, I am quite sure it would have been panting- huffing and puffing. 

But it floated gracefully, inspected for a nice spot on my table and lovingly descended on to it. As it decided to rest there for a while, I closed my windows; "how far it must have traveled, let it be here for a while". After staring at the lovely white carrier of the tiny seed, I could not hold myself any longer and touched it gently. I feared the white carrier might break- although the carrier had to be shed by the seed but I did not want to be the one to do it, because then it would stay with me forever; and where would I keep it? Would I be able to give it everything it would need? Probably not. But the urge to touch the beauty of the untouched milkweed miracle overtook every other feeling that I had. I slowly hurled up a the small wisp of its white hair and mobilised it, out to the window. I opened the window and pushed some air in the direction of the wind. Before I could heave that sigh of relief, it came back, floating and dancing. Its elegance and loyalty touched me. 

I tried sending it back again, to where it could belong, to a better place to shed its white carrier and settle down. It was back again and this time it did not stop at the table. This time it its flight was decisive and rapid. It landed straight onto my lap and settled in the fold of my skirt. I knew for sure this time that it wanted to be there. So I stood up again, closed the windows, gazed at the little beauty and removed its white hair-like carriage. The seed almost smiled at me as I did that. The detached tufts flew away, bidding goodbye and a beautiful future to their little friend.