Thursday, March 19, 2015

Life is short. Nah, scratch that.

One of the overwhelming moments of joy in my life has been when I’ve wanted for somebody to magically appear and that person telepathically has obliged my wishful thinking. I was almost moved to tears one time- in a good way, of course! People you love have this ability to sense your feelings and someone or the other of the lot just shows up with a smile on his/ her face,leaving you amazed and often grateful.

My favourite people have found me when I was in pain. They have found me feeling lost in a crowd which was celebrating my own achievements. They have loved me, fought with me, annoyed me, made me want to tear my hair apart, but they have never left me alone. Shunning the scientific purpose of our ‘stint of life’ on this planet, I feel a sense of responsibility towards humanity in general. What if we got the purpose of our lives totally wrong? What if we were sent to Earth to make people happy, and not disappoint them? No, I retract from that statement. This does not sound convincing. Especially not in the world we are currently living in.

Love is sacred. Something we are blessed with. Something that finds a place inside most of us and stays. Sentiments and emotions are tremendously precious to me. I don’t know any other way to be. If I find a place in someone’s heart, I feel accomplished. I wear it like a badge of honour. I am not indifferent to people’s opinion of me. I am not bogged down by how they feel about me but it does matter a great deal. I believe in ‘Right and Wrong’. I believe in what is ‘Right or Wrong for Me’. And then, there is a Right and a Wrong for Me at ‘that particular instant of time’. All three sometimes have completely different answers. I have fallen in love with places, non-living tangible memories and some incalculably crazy people. But there are zero regrets. Because I cannot imagine unconditional love with regrets burdening me down.

Life is short. Nah, scratch that.

Life is too short. Love like there’s no tomorrow.